Q3 2019 Cosmaward for Brand Excellence: Blue Origin

In a sea of names dominated by obtuse, spacey, overy-engineering focused words, the name ‘Blue Origin’ immediately stands out. A clever, suggestive name that doesn’t feel beholden to describe precisely what they do but rather poetically evokes the will to explore and discover faraway places. A well thought business choice too, since a name like “Blue Rocket Space Systems” would feel much more limiting, allowing less freedom to birth a Lunar Lander, or potentially other less obvious products down the road.

Their logo, a feather, is another bold, unique choice. While such fine detail might not be easy to handle across in their brand assets, its delicate beauty juxtaposed against the engineering prowess and gravitas of a leading space company is worth all the trouble. It reminds us of flight in a primordial way and flutters confidently amidst the industry’s overdone swooshes. Well done.

Unapologetically blue

In an industry truly dominated by blue, Blue Origin chose a tone that stands out: a bright electric, modern blue. Secondly, they use the color consistently and unapologetically. It’s absolutely everywhere. From the obvious headings on the website and image treatment to more creative assets like vehicle interiors and even the LEDs used to illuminate the lander on stage with Jeff Bezos. That’s the attention to brand detail that sets them apart.

“Step by Step, Ferociously”. For real.

Bright, electric blue calls for bright, electrifying copy. And they surely deliver on that. Their brand voice honors the enormity and fearlessness of their company mission. Not all brands have nailed such a trifecta of creating language that is consistent with their mission and with their visual language. It’s inviting, adventurous, figurative, and rich. Beyond simply being a pleasure to read, it speaks to a broad audience of space advocates – it’s truly inclusive.

What’s a Cosmaward?

Every quarter, we announce a peer in the industry who, in our humble opinion, has achieved excellence and differentiation in the world of space company branding (visually or verbally).