Graphic design
Information architecture
3D renderings

How do you sell rides on a rocket that’s never flown? How can you communicate to a customer exactly what it will be like to watch their payload leave the Earth? Firefly came to us asking these questions, and we answered them with the power of visual communication to bridge those sales gaps.

As Firefly steps out onto the world stage, they’re preparing to fly their first launcher appropriately titled “Alpha”. In preparation for the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs—an event that many of Firefly’s prospective customers would attend—Eric Salwan, Director of Commercial Business Development at Firefly, reached out to Cosma Schema to develop print materials that would turn heads and immediately, clearly communicate value. Eric had noticed that much of their previous marketing material had been too dense to truly communicate the core value of a Firefly launch. Cosma Schema worked with the Firefly team to create stunning 3D renderings dramatically depicting their core services in action,  which formed the basis of image-driven, elegantly designed handouts showing in vivid clarity what a future with Firefly actually looks like.

“Cosma Schema was a pleasure to work with. The renderings they produced were very high quality and the final result of the engagement impressed our customers.”


— Eric Salwan, Director of Commercial Business Development, Firefly