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Building a brand is like
designing a mission plan.

Designing a logo without a clear brand strategy is like choosing solar panels without knowing the power budget—and it has just as many consequences. A powerful brand legitimizes, elevates, and differentiates your company. Brands impact bottom lines.

Space has a

The visual homogeneity across space brands is astounding. This makes companies look unoriginal; or worse unintelligent. You wouldn’t build the same product as a competitor, why build the same brand?

Space companies are living and breathing the coolest stories in the universe but missing the opportunity to effectively capture them and tell them through their brands.

Space companies are so focused on the technical details they sometimes forget to talk about how their work is impacting human beings or changing the world.

Too many


The coolest

no one's



We’re solving it.

It's Cosma Schema's mission to connect more humans to space by utilizing basic design and branding principles. See how we embody our mission in our work below.

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Making space for everyone.

Setting the standard for affordable access to space.
Graphic design, information architecture, 3D renderings
Case Study

Powering the movement of humanity.

In-space transportation using water as fuel.
Brand strategy, naming, visual identity, website, video, graphic design
Case Study

Carrying the weight of the world.

Impossible Aerospace
Replacing traditional, carbon-based flight with a viable, fully electric alternative.
Brand strategy, visual identity, tagline
Case Study

The largest space event of Earth.

World Space Week
Strengthening the link between space and society through public education, participation, and dialogue.
Brand strategy, visual identity, rebrand, graphic design
Case Study

Bill Nye never looked so good.

The Planetary Society
Empowering the world’s citizens to advance space science and exploration.
Graphic design, strategy
Case Study

Where do eclipses come from?
A simple website explaining space-related phenomena.
Concept, brand, design, ui/ux, motion, web development
Case Study