1. For Everyone’s Sake, Let’s Make Space Presentations Better

    We’ve all sat through those presentations at IAC that induce slumber before slide 2. The space industry is famous for its uninspiring decks, which is a real shame because this un-inspiration is in such stark contrast against the excitement of what space companies are actually working on. At Cosma Schema, serving clients isn’t our only […]

  1. The Outer Space Branding Agency Rebrands

    In 2016, the idea of Cosma Schema ignited. Two years later and we’re helping some of the world’s most daring, visionary New Space entrepreneurs communicate their visions across the globe.

  2. Bad Space Company Names Are Giving The Whole Industry a Bad Name

    Orbital ATK. Space IL. iSpace Inc. Innovative Space Technologies, LLC. C’mon, we can do better.

  3. Your Space Brand Is So Much More Than Just A Logo

    So you’ve decided to take the plunge: you’re starting your own company. Every business leader knows that running a company takes more than just a good idea. Eventually, you’ll need employees, an office, and of course, a logo.

  1. Why Design And Branding Are Essential To Space Companies

    A strong brand is an integral part of any successful company – particularly for those who regularly blow things up. Here’s why deliberate design matters for outer space companies.

  1. Why Explore Space When The World Is So Messed Up?

    After all, what is the point? Why launch rockets into the void when our international adversaries want to launch rockets at us? Why put a woman on Mars if we can’t even elect a female president? Why settle other planets when ours is in danger of an impending doom?

  1. outer space design agency international year of astronomy

    I Wanted To Make Outer Space Prettier And Now People Are Hiring Me

    Could it be that people are having trouble understanding space because it’s just so dang ugly? This is the story of how I started an outer space design company.