The Outer Space Branding Agency Rebrands

In 2016, the idea of Cosma Schema ignited. Two years later and we’re helping some of the world’s most daring, visionary New Space entrepreneurs communicate their ideas across the globe.

From electric aerospace startups, to in-space transportation companies, to decades old UN-founded space organizations, to keeping Carl Sagan’s dreams alive, we’ve touched parts of space we used to think only astronauts could.

We now have front row seats to the New Space renaissance, and it’s exhilarating. But when we look at the state of design and communication in the space industry, we don’t see the same renaissance. We see insular, old guard, disregard. Ever since the Starfleet Insignia’s first appearance it seems, space companies have collectively clung to technical jargon written in futuristic-looking extended fonts laced with apogees and swooshes of blue and black.

In order for the public to better envision their future in space or for investors to put their dollars there, the industry must shed its outdated uniform.

But what does that look like?

Over the last few years, we’ve been hard at work sprucing up our client’s brands yet as we wade deeper into the space community, we’ve noticed that we could do better with our own. Can we continue to point out the prominence of blue in space design while using it as our flagship color? How can we, as industry brand leaders, better embody that progress that is the heart and soul of New Space? Well, to lead by example. Yep, the outer space branding agency has rebranded.

We looked back a few decades to a time when the average person was truly excited about space. We looked forward to the burgeoning space culture of the future. And from that amalgam, our updated brand emerged.

Our new logo, “The Transit”, is multi-layered in meaning. Firstly, and most literally, it represents a snapshot of a moon transiting a portion a planetary ring—a scene that will only ever be visible to the most ambitious voyagers.

This celestial alignment is a natural fit as our key brand metaphor. During a transit event, as within a branding exercise, things that couldn’t be seen before become clear. When an exoplanet transits a star, using careful research, analysis, and scrutiny, only at that moment can one gain knowledge about the transiting body. Similarly, when our own Moon transits the Sun in a solar eclipse, for a brief moment the Sun’s corona becomes visible: a property that would’ve never been highlighted without the transit.

For us, developing a good brand requires time, patience, and a ton of research, too. Branding can be therapeutic for our clients—revealing truths about the very nature of your business otherwise unknown. It not until all the pieces align that a brand’s foundation can be solid enough to support a growing company.

Transits, like branding, are always a matter of perception. To witness a transit, the observer must be in alignment with the transiting body and the object behind it, and if the observer moves to a different vantage point the transit is invisible. Branding is all about considering the vantage point of the observer—or customer— and strategically aligning elements—names, logos, language, color—so that what seen is the ideal perception of your company.

We’ve intentionally chosen a color palette that is rarely seen in the space community, usually dominated by blues and blacks. Our palette utilizes bright colors to represent the excitement surrounding the New Space economy with our dominant color, Canopy Green, acting a constant reminder that the advancement of space initiatives are always in the service of humans on Earth.

Our exciting new identity underscores our existential commitment to bringing warmth, uniqueness and open curiosity to the visual and verbal language of space brand communication, proving that you don’t need vast, black starry website backgrounds or a pitch deck written by Data to show that you’re serious about moving humanity closer to the cosmos.

Thanks for joining us as we strive to create greater understanding, accessibility and excitement about outer space through beautiful design and simple communication.