You know those 30-second explainer videos that every tech startup seems to have? Those extremely simple, sorta cheeky, here’s-how-it-works type videos? Yeah, Sandwich invented those. They’ve been using this format to help cutting edge companies like Slack, Lyft, Airbnb, and Facebook tell their stories since 2009.

But by 2019, Sandwich had become a lot different than when Adam Lisagor founded it. The team had grown significantly, they’d started doing massive television campaigns for companies like TrueCar, StichFix, and Starbucks, and the tiny startups they’d worked with in their earliest days had become kings of Silicon Valley. To Adam, it was time to update the brand to better match the company they’d become.

How do you tell the story of the internet’s best storytellers? What is it about the Sandwich je ne sais quoi that makes their videos so good at what they do? And how do you package that up into a tangible format like a new visual identity and new website? One step at a time.

Defining Positioning

We started leading the rebrand effort at Sandwich with the definition of the company positioning. By interviewing key stakeholders and doing our own in-depth market research, we were able to unearth the brand essence—the one thing that makes Sandwich different from their competitors—and put it down into words everyone could agree upon. This brand strategy exercise established a single point of truth from which every subsequent brand decision could flow.

Extending to Visual Identity

Next up was the logo and visual identity. Sandwich’s previous aesthetic was locked in an 80’s faux-retro groove established by Adam’s affinity for the era. In our previous positioning work we determined that Sandwich stood to become a far more timeless brand—still playful, but a brand that would live through the ages.

Previous Logo
Logo Explorations
Redesigned Logo
Full Logoset
Bringing It All To Life

The Sandwich website redesign came on simply now that we had become so thoroughly enmeshed in the brand. A deadpan, to-the-point communication strategy was implemented to highlight the playful nature of the brand, and with Sandwich, video has always been the star of the show—the new site should let their work speak for itself. The result was a refreshingly modern site that tells the story of the creative studio behind the success of so many legendary brands.